Chip & Coolant Filtration Systems

SunSource Coolant Systems Solutions offers tailor-made solutions and service for the Automotive, Aircraft, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Bearing manufacturing markets. We offer a complete range of coolant filtration systems, auxiliary equipment, swarf handling systems or stand-alone coolant filters for the individual CNC machine tools or central systems.

SunSource is committed to meeting your "Go Green" initiatives

"Go Green" is on the forefront of many organizations' pursuit for environmentally friendly product development, promoting energy savings products, and activities. Green guidelines offer recommended measures for conserving natural resources, using water and energy wisely, improving indoor air quality, and planning for livable and vibrant communities. Manufacturing processes which meet these guidelines help reduce environmental impacts and often cost less to operate and maintain.

When it comes to manufacturing, "Go Green" is the right thing to do. SunSource is dedicated to working with our supplier partners and customers to design and integrate the most efficient hydraulic, lubrication, process filtration and chip and coolant filtration systems. Focusing on creating more efficient systems, utilizing variable frequency drives (VFDs), along with improving filtration processes by reducing, or in many applications, eliminating disposable media is our mission.

Conveyors/Filtering Systems Centrifugal and Vortex Pumps
  • Wipers on belts clean bottom pan surface a minimum of two times per revolution
  • Continuous operation
  • Ball-detent clutch system
  • 100% unattended machining operation
  • No cartridges or bags to change
  • Flows up to 6000gpm
  • Pressures to 10,000psi
  • In-line or vertical mounted
  • Self Priming
  • High solids handling
  • Chip breaking capabilities
  • Variable frequency drives(VFDs)
Liquid Bag Filter Housings/Strainers Tramp Oil Removal
  • Housing are engineered to effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process liquids
  • Strainer basket is available in various opening sizes
  • Higher pressure ratings 100, 150, 300 to 3000 PSI
  • Flows up to 4300gpm for a single housing
  • Extended tool life
  • Improved parts finish
  • Smoke & odor eliminated
  • Multiplied coolant life
  • Less machine downtime
Self Back Flushing Filters Pump Back Systems
  • Low life cycle costs
  • No filter material is consumed
  • Cleaning without interrupting flow to process
  • Efficient filter cleaning assures maximum process stability
  • Filtering down to 5 micron
  • Capable of pumping full chip loads from machine to central coolant systems
  • Easy change from single filter units to central coolant cleaning and supply
  • No more expensive costly in-floor flumes
  • Flexibility to relocate machine tools
Air Filters Gravity Paper Systems
  • All the models are ready for both pre-filtration and afterfiltration
  • Directly installed on the machine tools
  • Filtering down to HEPA filtration
  • Electrostatic available
  • Compact Design
  • Complete plug-n-play with full electrical panel
  • Optional pump
  • High flows for all types of fluids
  • Filtering down to 5 micron
  • Automatic indexing
High Pressure Coolant Magnetic Separator
  • Compact design
  • Standard or custom units
  • Optional VFDs
  • Extend tool life and better part quality
  • Complete drawings and manuals
  • Wide range of flows and pressures
  • Engineered with high power ferromagnetic discs which trap solid contaminants present in coolants or lubricants
  • Low running costs
  • High Flows
  • Ease of installation
  • Low cost
Chillers Valves
  • Complete line of oil and coolant coolers
  • Applications include linear motors, lasers, EDM, high speed spindles
  • Capacities from 2,000 to 360,000 BTU/HR
  • Quick delivery
  • Sizes from ¼” to 12”
  • Direct operated or pilot operated
  • Bubble tight shut off up to a ANSI class 6
  • Pressures up to 7500psi
  • Any variety of fluids or gasses 2/2 or 3/2 valves