Productivity Solutions

To improve productivity and reduce operating costs, SunSource technical engineers offer continuous evaluation of all functional areas of your plant. Our solutions for increased productivity can include design support for a more compact design that reduces installation costs, or subassemblies that reduce direct labor costs. Industrial end users can also benefit from automation systems and system retrofits that increase productivity in your manufacturing facility. Partnering with SunSource immediately brings your company access to experts to help your company's bottom line.

  • Manufactured and tested subassemblies
  • Full system integration of all components
  • Customized modular design to reduce assembly and installation costs
  • Subassembly of kits
  • System retrofits
  • System automation
  • Procurement, assembly and testing of customer products and customer assemblies

Strengths by Technology
Industrial Hydraulics

  • Custom Power Units
  • Manifolds
  • Actuators
  • High Pressure Gas Systems
  • Open and Closed Loop Systems
  • Reservoirs

Mobile Hydraulics

  • Open Loop Systems
  • Hydrostatic Drives
  • Integrated Manifolds
  • Electronic Controls
  • Reservoirs
  • Actuators


  • Integrated Valve Assemblies
  • Valve/Actuator/Air prep Assemblies
  • Air Amplification Systems
  • Logic Control Systems
  • Compressed Air and CNG Drying Systems
  • Tubing Packages

Automation Technology

  • Software Design & Programming
  • Hardware (PLC's, Servo Drives, Stepper Motors, Robots, VFD's)
  • Safety Systems (Light Curtains, Machine Guards, Switches, Sensors)
  • Integrated Robots
  • Touch Screens
  • Power Supplies
  • Aluminum Framing


  • Process Filtration
  • Hydraulic Filtration
  • Filter Carts/Skids
  • Off-Line Filtration Systems
  • Pneumatic Filtration
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Filtration

Connectors (Hose & Fittings)

  • On-site Prototypes
  • Complete kits & packages
  • Quick Disconnects

Lubrication Systems

  • Lubrication Manifolds
  • Pumping Units
  • Associated Plumbing